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Various - Out There - A Thread Through Time - 1994

Label: Pi Recordings
Catalog#: t&b lp/cd 001/pi002
Format: 4 x Vinyl, 12" Gatefold
Country: UK
Released: 1994
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Downtempo, Experimental
Credits: Compiled By - Twitch*
A1 written by Zoviet France, recorded 1993
A2 written by Horizon 222, recorded 1993
B1 written by Balance/Christopherson/Hyde, recorded at Threshold House, Freibank, 1993
B2 and E3 written by A.C./M.A. recorded 10/2/94 at Mighty Reel Studios, Edinburgh. Engineered by Phunky Torso.
B3 and E2 written by Mika Vanio, 1993/94
C1 and E1 written, produced and mixed by Andrew Weatherall and David Hedger
C2 written and recorded by Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni-Tutti 1983, remastered for Pi in 1994
D1 written by BDP, 1994, recorded live at the Towers
D2 written by Secret Agent No.1, recorded 7/2/94 at Mighty Reel Studios, Edinburgh. Engineered by Phunky Torso.
D3 words and vocals: Karen X, music: The Free Radicals, recorded 11/2/94 at Mighty reel Studios, Edinburgh. Engineered by Phunky Torso.
F1 written by Kookie, recorded 9/2/94 at Mighty Reel Studios, Edinburgh. Engineered by Phunky Torso. Vocals by Rosalind.
F2 written by Re:Search - recorded 8/2/94 at Mighty Reel Studios, Edinburgh. Engineered by Phunky Torso.
F3 written by Twitch & Brainstorm, recorded at Finiflex, Edinburgh. Engineered by Phunky Torso.
G1 written by Unit Moebius
G2 written by Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia and Tim Freeman
H1 written and performed by Abraxas, recorded in The Infernal Garden, October 1993. Mixed at Hajaj, February 1994
H2 written by Newman/wells, mixed and produced by G.T.O.

Artwork courtesy of Martin Allen
Layout: Andy McGregor
Compiled, conceived, sequenced and bullshitted by
Twitch. Able assistance from Brainstorm and Rock
Slight hinderance from Mingo
Special thanks to Catherine McKeown

(Position - Artist - Title)
A1 - Zoviet France - Synthaesthetica

A2 - Horizon 222 - Walking On The Air

B1 - Coil vs. The Eskaton - Nasa Arab

B2 - Free Space Comm. - Inter

B3 - Ø - Atomit

C1 - Lords Of Afford - Circular Sore

C2 - CTI - Dancing Ghosts

D1 - The Black Dog - Bumfluff

D2 - Secret Agent No.1 - Festivities

D3 - Karen X - She Is

E1 - Lords Of Afford - Circular Soar

E2 - Ø - Eetteri

E3 - Free Space Comm. - Epic

F1 - Kookie - A Memorable Fancy

F2 - Re:Search - How To Avoid The Self Destruct Mechanism

F3 - T&B - 101 Beats In Sodom

G1 - Unit Moebius - Panta Rhei

G2 - Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - (Original) Dust

H1 - Abraxas - Hannibal Kantori : Swine Asphixiator

H2 - Greater Than One / GTO - Take It Easy mp3 320 (346.36 MB)

I left A1 and A2 as one file, because this first side is continuous.
Ripped at 33/3rpm, but sleeve notes suggest that you experiment with play speed


Steve Engler said...

Thanks for this sampler, it is rare but looks very good.